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Global Ransomware Attack

You are bound to have heard on the National News about an International Ransomware campaign.


This information is to re-assure you that your systems are not in danger but also to warn you about the effects of Ransomware. All IT users need to remain vigilant and there are some simple common-sense steps you can take if you are worried about any suspicious e-mail and/or attachments.


Please note that none of Form IT’s Customers have been affected by the Ransomware attack.


What is Ransomware?

Ransomware, a dangerous type of virus designed to encrypt your files and hold them for ransom. Criminals are hiding the virus in email attachments disguised as invoices or links. When you try to open the attachments, this will allow the virus to infect your machine.


Once the infection starts it only takes minutes or even seconds for your files to be encrypted, at which point a ransom screen will appear with instructions for supplying payment in exchange for the decryption key. What makes this latest virus especially dangerous is that also encrypts shadow copies of your files, which makes recovering them even more difficult.


Are You Protected?

Of course. All your company servers, PCs and laptops are patched/updated regularly. The current Ransomware campaign is currently targeting a weakness in older Microsoft Operating Systems such as Windows XP or affecting systems where regular patching/updating has not taken place.


What can you do to Keep Safe?


Remain Vigilant when opening e-mail – it’s not just Ransomware but other nasties that occasionally slip through;


If you receive an e-mail with an attachment or containing a link from someone you don’t know, please do not open the attachment or click on the link. Delete the e-mail and then delete from your deleted items;


If you receive an unexpected e-mail from someone you do know:

Check the sending address is correct;

Check the attachment is in the usual format and naming convention;

Check the grammar in the body of the mail – poor grammar is often the sign of a malicious e-mail;


If still unsure, pick up the phone to your contact and check that they have sent this mail to you.


Form IT’s Technical team are here to assist and advise you. If you are unsure whether an e-mail is safe or not, please phone or contact us using the credentials below.


Best wishes

Form IT Help Desk Team

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