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London Olympics 2012 - Service Delivery Bulletin

London Olympics 2012

Form IT Solutions is working very closely with key logistics service providers (LSPs) to ensure that plans are in place to limit the disruption of client deliveries throughout the Olympics and Paralympics.


Severe congestion is expected in certain areas of London from mid-July to mid-September, which will affect both parcel and pallet services in and around these affected areas.


Disruption is expected due to:

• Longer journey times as a result of a general increase in traffic within London
• The implementation of the Olympic Route Network
• Imposed parking and access restrictions
• Delivery restrictions to lockdown venues


Lockdown Venues:

This is a 109 mile network of roads that are designed to connect key Olympic venues, to ensure that athletes and officials get to Games events on time. In most instances, the ORN will remain open to general traffic, but certain restrictions will be in place, such as changes to traffic signals, restricted turns into side roads and suspension of certain parking bays. There will also be dedicated Games Lanes, which will not be open to general traffic.


We are not anticipating that many, if any, orders will need to be delivered to the 'lock-down' venues. However, it must be noted that any deliveries to these areas will be delayed by a minimum of 24 hours as the only LSP authorised to deliver to these venues is UPS.


The parcel deliveries will incur a security surcharge of £25 per parcel - £20 of which is a fixed security surcharge and £5 of which is a parcel delivery charge. The parcel delivery charge operates on a sliding scale for multi-parcel consignments.


These are the rates charged by UPS, Form IT Solutions will notify customers prior to dispatch of any special Olympic charges to be incurred.


A list of the lockdown venues can be viewed by clicking here and also detailed below.


Interlink Express has also issued a postcode matrix to show affected areas which can be viewed using the following link and as below: http://www.interlinkexpress.com/pdf/ie-postcode-matrix.pdf (5mb).


Outside of the lock down sites

There are postcodes where there are potential delays of 24 hours, due to the anticipated additional traffic. In certain areas and on certain dates, there will be no premium services such as before 10 or before 12 (including Saturdays).


Interlink Express will also be extending its delivery window to help ease congestion and will open an additional temporary depot at London Bridge. Options to collect from the local depot will also exist.

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