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Social Networking Control with Form IT Solutions

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60% of Fortune 500 companies have a twitter account, Social networking accounts for 23% of all time spent online, 1.5 million businesses search on You Tube daily and 1.4 million of UK small businesses visit online video sites each month.* *Google Internet Stats

As you may be aware from your own experiences and from the stats here, social media use in businesses is increasing significantly, so much so that social media is now included in many marketing strategies.

With this increase in internet usage through social media and web applications the potential of application borne threats is much higher. This means that IT teams have to stay vigilant to the productivity of bandwidth and also ensure that they remain compliant.

Traditionally enterprises have relied on their firewall to enforce application policies by simply blocking ports, however this must become more sophisticated and organisations need to adopt a next generation firewall that can analyse the content in secure web traffic, rather than blocking the complete application.

Download this Fortinet solution guide today on adding application control and read more about why you need to be thinking about securing your networks against malware found in social media.

For more information view our Fortinet Micro site: http://formits.defendyournetwork.co.uk 

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